Rejuvenation Facial Peel Treatments

What is a facial peel?

Facial peels are basically an accelerated type of exfoliation using chemical products. We have a range of products available to suit all different skin types. Your therapist will test your skin during your consultation to determine the right facial peel for your skin.

How do facial peels work?

When the correct chemical is chosen for your personal skin type it is applied to the face, you will feel a slight burning sensation but as the product has an anesthetic within it this will be minimal. As the solution is gently removed, a very thin surface layer of damaged skin will wipe away.

Your skin will then peel after 2 or 3 days, as if you’d been out in the sun without protection, and the dead skin cells will begin to come away and be replaced by healthy, new and younger looking ones.

How long will it take me to recover?

After the skin begins to peel it will take a further few days for your face to begin to look smoother and refreshed.

What are the benefits of facial peels?

Dramatically younger looking skin, reduced wrinkles, smoother and tighter skin and reduced scar tissue.

Are there any risks with facial peels?

We are highly experienced and qualified in facial peel treatments; you can relax and be assured that you are in the very best hands. The risk of side effects are minimal if you follow the recommended after care and make sure you apply a sunscreen to prevent any unwanted damage to the new skin cells.

What type of facial peels do you offer and how much do they cost?

We offer the the following:

md formulations Classic Glycolic Acid Peel, which stimulate the regeneration of your skin resulting in a younger, smoother looking complexion and significantly reduces blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation.

This treatment costs - £55

md formulations Alpha / Beta is an enhanced rejuvenating treatment using both Glycolic and Salicylic acid to remove dead skin build up through double exfoliation to quickly enhance skin health. This peel helps reverse damage caused by UVA/UVB, increases moisture and enhances collagen and elastin production resulting in the skin having a younger, plumper looking complexion.

This treatment costs - £60

The PRIORI® AHA peel offers deep exfoliation and maximum hydration for dryer skin types.

This treatment costs - £65

PRIORI® Idebenone Anti-Ageing Peel .

The highest grade peel we offer at Body and Face Works which addresses issues such as pigmentation , thickened sun damaged , smokers skin and is an anti-ageing peel for the more nature skin .
It is imperative that a patch test and pre peel product is obtained 14 days prior to the peel .

This treatment costs - £55

PRIORI® Coffeeberry Antioxidant Peel

The green , no prep peel which can be done on most skin types without the prior use of special products to prepare the skin .
It is an antioxidant peel feeding the skin with these highly beneficial ingredients to revitalise give radiance and enhance the skin .

This treatment costs - £55

If you wish to book a course of 5 peels you will receive 1 for free.

A Glycolic product must be used 10 days before the treatment.

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